Project Management

BIM Projects Consulting is an organization that seeks to improve project efficiencies within the Construction, Infrastructural and Oil/Gas Industry. We exhibit core professionalism by introducing a paradigm shift from the traditional method of project delivery to the more technologically advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM). This process delivers myriad benefits and improves the existing construction traditional process with a core focus on design visuals (3D), cost reduction (5D), time (4D), quality and collaboration.

At BIM Projects Consulting, we don’t deliver a single product, service or software solution. Rather, our strategy for developing the built environment allows for a visually-enhanced descriptive approach for communicating every step in a project’s lifecycle. This communication approach enhances collaborative and information-centric processes that deliver maximum yield to clients. Our strategy uses models that represent databases of geometrical and spatial data. This allows our clients to see all properties of their intended projects, specifications, performance, cost and other associated computable data in a 3D manipulated virtual environment. The underlying data are used to describe the project in many ways throughout the life-cycle of design, construction, operation and subsequent refurbishment or recycling. This way, our clients get to see, “use”, navigate, and experience their projects in our 3D manipulated environment before it is built. Our clients may then add, remove or enhance their projects to better reflect their quality preferences, cost, scope, risk and et cetera.

BIM Projects Consulting is currently implementing BIM on several projects by demonstrating the benefits that accrue through the life cycle of the project. Beyond this, BIM ensures life-cycle costing – the anticipated cost a client should budget for maintaining and running the delivered project throughout the existence of the delivered project. In other words, we give an end-to-end cost of your intended vision from cradle to grave. Our end-to-end BIM methodology is applied to all phases of the delivery and operational life cycles from design and construction to operations and maintenance. During the business development, work winning and pre-commencement phases, we use BIM to optimize the proposed solution, this ensures that it is built correctly during the project delivery phase. Once completed, our client benefits from the operational efficiencies designed into the life cycle of the project from the start.

Our Integrated Project Management Approach

After collating data from our BIM virtual 3D modelling interphase, we feed the cost, schedule, risk and requirements data into risk analysis tool. Wouldn’t you like to know the chances of making money – or taking a loss — on your project? Or the likelihood that your project will finish on time and within budget? How about the probabilities of finding oil or gas, and in what amounts? Everyone would like answers to these types of questions. Armed with that kind of information, you could take a lot of guesswork out of big decisions and plan strategies with confidence. At BIM projects, we deploy Monte Carlo/Latin Hypercube in simulating project outcomes. Simply put, we collect your project’s data from our BIM modelling, then we use that data and virtual run your project for more than 100,000 times. It’s like doing the same project for 100,000. The chances of getting it right after repeated runs increases. At BIM, we run your projects virtually before it begins.

Project Management Consultancy

Our team of integrated project consultants deploys a hybrid model (predictive and agile approaches) of project management to deliver end-to-end value to our stakeholders. We use historical information, expert judgement and information derived from our BIM data analysis to deliver optimum consulting services to our clients. Our integrated approach shows our clients the many possible outcomes that are mathematically and objectively derived. Our approach also tells us the probabilities and risks associated with each decision. This means we can judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid, allowing for the best decision making under uncertainty.

BIM has also deployed the Systems Applications Products (SAP) technology. SAP is an integrated and industry-independent standard software which covers, integrates and connects all functional areas in a business – Scope, schedule, cost, time, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement and stakeholder management, respectively. Our SAP approach also recognizes the changing nature of projects midcourse. Hence, we use SAP in delivering agile project management. Our system does also have a mix of both Agile and Predictive project delivery strategies allowing for a hybrid approach for managing projects.

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