Subsea Interventions

BIMprojects brings the power and innovation of BIM to offshore design, operations and innovative maintenance within the marine environment. This allows for a remote digitised maintenance culture and intervention to be integrated throughout a project life cycle of offshore facilities. A ground breaking, safety improving and cost saving advanced technology for clients and investors regardless of maintenance scope required – offshore jacket installation, pipe and cable installation and maintenance, underwater inspection repair and maintenance.

BIMprojects and her major joint venture partners with a proven expertise in Maintenance Management System (MMS) add advanced technological creative value in increasingly complex and extreme marine or subsea conditions enhancing processes with safety as prime focus.

BIMprojects highly tech-tools and resource guarantees safety of life and equipment while breaking new maintenance grounds for client ensuring safety and socio-environmental interest. Whether it is exploration and development, saturation and ROV services, inspection or safe guarding offshore subsea installation, transportation and installation of offshore platform and ports and water ways, BIMprojects ensures all concepts are built on coordinated and reliable information – enhancing accuracy, reliability and enabling more informed decision to be taken earlier in the design process and through the project life cycle thus reducing cost and enhancing efficiency.

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